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Dosage and Usage

When to use the Multidetox capsules?

When our bodies have to face daily stress factors

Such as – toxic intake of alcohol and nicotine, prescription medicines, preservatives and other chemicals, virus, bacteria, negative emotions, mental stress and anxieties…..

Health issues relating to weight loss or digestive tract problems

When our digestive systems are not functioning well, when we are faced with weight loss issues, cells composition will automatically impact how effective they are, detection of salts and other toxins in intercellular spaces.

Additional symptoms

  1. Loss of vitality
  2. Reduced energy levels
  3. Increased anxiety
  4. Sleep disorders

Other additional important characteristics of the herbal capsules:

  1. Strong antioxidant properties
  2. Gentle on liver tissues
  3. Encourage reduction of cholesterol levels
  4. Antiseptic properties
  5. Antibacterial, as well as anti-cancerous properties

For further information, please refer to the section Ingredients and Effects.