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What are the differences between e.g. detox products, teas and Multi-9-Detox?

The main difference is in the unique herbal mix available in the Multidetox capsules, whereby all the herbs contained enhance their respective characteristics.  These have been carefully chosen by specialists in the field of detox, to deliver the desired results as well as benefit the human body as a complete unit.  Since Multidetox contains much higher quantities of pure herbal extracts, as e.g. in comparison to detox teas; these can be perceived as the cheaper alternative, however there is no comparison in the effectiveness of the products.


How many capsules are there?

One month treatment consists of 60 capsules, i.e. one bottle.

Recommended dosage : It is advisable to take 2 capsules in one day, ideally one pill – in the morning / in the evening.  It is optional to take 2pills at once.

For how long should I use the product?

The minimum recommended period is one month, hence one bottle is essential to commence the treatment.  However, it is advisable to consider a long-term, on-going usage for the best results.