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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions as set out below determine and regulate the commercial relationship between „the seller“, i.e. Goldfitness company l.l.c., and „the buyer“.



The seller – address and contact details

Goldfitness l.l.c, Jaselská 289/31, 16000 Prague 6, Czech Republic

ICO : 28883748 /commercial identification number/

DIC : CZ 28883748 /tax return identification number/

„The buyer“ :

e.g. a consumer, such as private individuals

e.g. a commercial entity, such as firms and companies

state institutions


How to place your order?

contact us by phone

visit our offices in person

in writing – send us an email, or a letter

order online


NB Email / Online orders must be completed fully, i.e. all information fields must be filled in, relevant and necessary information must be provided.


Order processing and confirmation

As soon as your electronic order has been placed, by submitting the online order form duly filled in and completed – you will be notified by an email confirmation by return, advising that your order has been received and is active in the seller´s system.

All goods and products are in stock, hence readily available for an immediate dispatch.  We can also ensure that you are contacted by phone to confirm your order as well as dispatch status.  At which time, the goods are already being dispatched to an address / location specified by you.


In the event of any enquiries or clarifications, we will contact you by phone immediately.  We strongly advise you to please enter your correct / working telephone contact numbers, enabling us thus to contact you in any such circumstances.  This, of course can also ensure a delivery of your order on time.


Payment terms and methods

1. cash payment

- when collecting goods in person from our store – P10, V Olšinách 78

- upon receiving the delivery at your address

2. debit / credit card payment – only available at our store - P10, V Olšinách 78

3. payment upon delivery – via Czech Post parcel / delivery services

4. bank transfer of an invoice issued according to your order

5. other – using the mBank / mPenize services


Delivery and Dispatch

FREE - Within the area of the capital - Prague, we offer the possibility of deliveries to a specified address, this applies to orders – at the value of or in access of 2500czk.  For orders of a total value of 2500czk and below, we charge a delivery fee of 110czk.

Prague Postal Services – „Pay upon Delivery“ system applies within the entire area of the Czech Republic, a fee of 80czk is chargeable for orders of a total value lesser than 2000czk.


Deliveries – duration

We are pleased to inform you that all our goods and products are in stock, therefore available for immediate deliveries.  Hence, within the the area of the capital – Prague you are to receive your order within 24hours since having made an order, in most cases within the same working day.  In addition, „Pay upon Delivery“ parcels being handled by the Prague Postal Services are equally being delivered within 48hours.  In the event that any delays should be experienced, we would advise you immediately.


Pricing list and policies

Prices are available and shown online, as for each specific product the relevant information is provided within each respective internet link / tab, as well as the final order calculation form.


Please note that all prices quoted for online purchases from the Goldfitness.cz website are non-negotiable, AND are inclusive of the VAT charges.


Expiry / Sell by date

All products are well within the expiry period, stipulated to be……YEAR xyz!


Consignment collection

Customers are requested to check the goods at the time of delivery.  In the event, that the safety seal on any container is damaged, or other faults are detected as a result of  mechanical mishanlding of the product – the customer is obliged to return the goods in their original packaging, shape and form and inform the courier personnel / driver accordingly.


Exchange policies

Statutory laws apply herewith, in addition to the customer legal protection code of conduct.

Termination of contract


As per the relavant article – no.6, paragraph 53 of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, a consumer who finds himself in a possession of orderded goods, being delivered to him employing unspecified courier services, the goods being purchased through an alternative method other than by carrying out a physical purchase of the same, is entitled to terminate the purchase within 14days since receiving the goods.  However, we offer a contract termination period of 30days since receiving the goods.  In this instance, the customer must contact the Supplier in writing, and subsequently ensure that all the goods are sent back to the supplier, in original packagings, bearing no signs of ´wear and tear´ either.


Personal data protection

The seller undertakes to collect and archive personal data as collated from the online registration as well as the final purchase order.  The buyer provides these by taking the necessary steps to register and to submit his online order for the above mentioned purposes to be used by Multidetox.com.  We at Goldfitness.cz value the online privacy and safety of our customers, and under no circumstances we will ever forego, share or submit our customers´ personal information to a third party element of any commercial, or private background.  You may to choose to activate the option „send newsletter by email“ – in which case, your contact email ID will be added to our regular newsletter circulation list.


The seller hereby confirms that all the personal data is being collated for marketing purposes and for logistics and statistical findings research only.


In addition, the seller confirms that all personal data is being used strictly and only for internal purposes, and shall under no circumstances be made public, be released or forwarded to for alternative uses.

The seller, when dealing with personal data information, undertakes to observe and regulate all its relevant activities in accordance with the Law of Conduct, no. 101/2000 law – Personal data protection Conduct.  In the event that personal data information shall be made available to e.g.a third party, A warranty certificate issuance – the seller confirms that only upon receiving a customer´s full consent will be saught priror to using the same information.

A customer provides his consent to submit his personal data by using, registering to enter into an online purchase activity.  A customer in addition has the solemn right to request to terminate his registration.


Customers legal obligation

The buyer, having had provided his personal data information, in order to commence and complete the online order, by filling in the order form – automatically, and irrevocably undertakes to accept all of the above, as a whole or in part of – as applicable at the any given day when his completed order has been made and submitted to the seller.  This, of course entails – all the pricing conditions, inclusive of dispatch and courier charges as well as the actual price of the product, being calculated subject to the quantities stipulated on the online form.

Both parties, having had entered into this agreement – willingly agree as per the Civil code of condut, para – 262, article 1- that their rights and obligations remain unchanged as per the Commerical code of conduct, para – 409 – unles otherwise stipulated.